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The Oregon coast with all its possibilities is only two hours away and the city is a city of things. The Oregon State Capitol, home to the state's largest public library, the Oregon Museum of Natural History, is just half an hour away.

The Marquam Trail System is connected to the Wildwood Trail, which runs through Washington Forest Parks. It includes 70 miles of trails, including part of the 30-mile Wild Wood Trail. There are a number of other trails in the area, such as the Oregon Trail System, but it has the largest network of trails in Oregon with more than 1,000 miles.

If you have a little train lover in you, make sure you stop at the Oregon Rail Heritage Center. For the little engineers who simply can't get enough of these impressive locomotives, they even offer birthday packages.

Located in the city center, the museum features exhibits that bring Oregon history to life. Children under 17 are free at the Portland Art Museum, where families can get inspired in a huge gallery full of art. There is something fascinating for everyone, be it art, history, architecture, art history or a bit of both.

The park has something for almost everyone to do in the Wilsonville area, including exploring the Oregon Wine Route, spending the day in the park or looking back in history. Visit the fountains in Peninsula Park and enjoy scenic views of the Cascade Mountains and the city of Portland. Stay active, play in the nature in this space and enjoy the leisure activities, including kayaking, hiking, biking, canoeing and more.

If you have never been to Portland, go to OMSI, even if you only have time for one of the indoor activities. If you're in downtown Northwest Portland or just want to get a sense of the size of the place, take 15-30 minutes to browse the flagship location. After visiting the fortress, visit Clark College, which offers a variety of activities for children, including a science fair, art gallery, museum and more. To visit the Fort, spend some time in downtown Vancouver's historic center and take a tour of downtown Vancouver.

The Clackamas River flows just south of Willamette and you will find Clacksamettes Park. Washington Park is home to a variety of interesting activities and attractions, including the Oregon Museum of Natural History, Portland State University campus and the University of Oregon. Other popular attractions in the West Hills include the Washington County Courthouse, Oregon State Park and the Portland Capitol.

If you want to learn more about Portland's historic and cultural journey, visit these tourist-friendly attractions. Take a fascinating city walk through the Powell Library and take a self-guided tour of some of the city's most interesting walks, including a hidden staircase you never knew existed. If you want to leave Portland and explore for a day or more, you can visit our regional destinations.

If you like to be wild - Oaks Bottom should be high on Portland's wish list - then Oatfield Estates, perched on the hills of Milwaukie, offers one of the best views in Oregon and one of the most beautiful views in Portland. Perched on a steep hill with 360 degree views of Oregon, including the Columbia River, Cascade Mountains, Oregon State Park and the Pacific Ocean, it is a perfect spot for birdwatching and a great place for picnics and hikes.

Most retailers in downtown are open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., with a few exceptions - do you think you have a good idea what to look for in Milwaukie and the rest of downtown Portland?

If you're in town on a Saturday, visit Portland's Saturday market, which takes place every Saturday (except January and February). Visit on Saturday and buy a ticket to enjoy some of the best food, drinks, art, music and entertainment in downtown Los Angeles.

If you prefer to rent in a brick and mortar shop, Portland has many bike shops that offer rental bikes. Everyone who is in northeast Portland is representative. If you want to do your bit to keep Portland's bike culture alive without burdening your bank account, take a few hours to ride one of the city's many bike-friendly streets. Rent starts at $5 an hour, or $10 a day for two - daily rentals and $15 a week for three - monthly rentals, according to their website.

Cannon Beach is regularly described as one of the best bike-friendly neighborhoods in the entire state of Oregon, which obviously says something. It is worth driving, and Cannon Beach, with its beautiful beaches and scenic views, is a great place for a quick bike ride.

Among the many quirky aspects of downtown Portland are so-called "parking blocks" in many parts of the city. The main parking blocks are Pioneer Courthouse Square, the University of Oregon campus and Oregon State University campus. Southwest Portland includes downtown, often referred to as the City Center. This part of northwestern Oregon has a number of well-preserved rural outposts, some of which are still open to the public in the form of parks and paths.

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More About Milwaukie